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We are always looking for talented illustrators, animators, writers, designers and individuals who want to work in biology and/or zoology to join our team. All work for As a startup company, our positions begin as unpaid roles, but we will reward promising work for writers / illustrators who prove they have the skill set to help us grow. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of what will be the next rival to Disney, only we will educate as much as we entertain. Prove to us that you have the skills and creativity that we need and we will help you achieve what you want in the career path of your choice. Our editors provide all guidance and direction, but you will work from home at your own pace. We have used our vast connections to get previous assistants the permanent job of their dreams; we'll do the same for you, if you are a good writer and/or illustrator.

Send resume/samples to: change [at]

The current areas where we need help are:

We are looking for people eager to gain experience in professional writing. Our teammates are trained in AP Style, the standard for all media outlets. If you are seeking to expand or create your writing portfolio, we will help you achieve what you want. We welcome experienced writers, but the bulk of our writing teammates apprentice with The Super Fins as a means to achieve the journalism job of their dreams. We will teach you how to "work a beat" just as any traditional newspaper beat would, giving you the skills to achieve anything you want in the media realm. Our writing staff is comprised of former reporters and editors who are eager to cultivate new writing talent. Whether your writing experience is in biological concerns or a vastly differnt field, we will help you achieve what you want.

TSF Writer's Style Guide is online.

We are eager to work with any talented artists who want to expand or create their creative portfolio. Our skilled staff will provide guidance and leadership for every creation, particularly for artists seeking to break into the industry. We are proud to help artists achieve their goals and will train them in industry standards so they are prepared to advance their skills to the level they desire. We constantly update our database of characters and designs based on global concerns so our needs are always in flux. All we require is skill and either the desire to learn the skill set needed for an career in animation or illustration or, if you are experience, the ability to work with others in a team setting.


Website designer needed for startup educational-entertainment organization. We want someone who will grow with us as we take the next step toward getting funding. This position will begin as unpaid, but if she/he can build the digital infrastructure we need they will be paid on the backend and will be a key permanent member of our new multi-platform realm. Our current static site will not be enough to support what we need so we need someone who be our digital architect and create a dynamic site that can expand as needed. Specifically, we need a dynamic site that allows users anywhere in the world to do four key things:
1) submit original stories to our site;
2) allow remote editors to access and edit the stories submitted;
3) allow users to upload their original photos/videos;
4) create easy-to-use interface for our ground-breaking database.
Our company is poised to be the next rival to Disney, but with a major difference: our aquatic characters teach as much as they entertain. Our staff of writers, animators, illustrators and editors are all working on unpaid basis at this stage, but we are on verge of going for major funding. The final piece we need in place before getting funding is a dynamic site that allows us to expand our abilities. This candidate must be willing to take a chance with us, developing their own designer skills while helping us build a new leader in educational entertainment. This will be a life-altering experience for the right designer. Whether you are a talented young designer or one with extensive experience, your investment of time and effort at our early stage will advance your career in ways no large, established firm can allow because we want someone to grow with us, whose input and opinions will shape the future.

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